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Whether you are relocating to another city or state or changing places due to work-related requirements, you will probably need to find a way to ship your motorcycle. Perhaps you have just bought yourself a nice present, but riding your brand new bike yourself may not be the best-case scenario at this given time. This is where motorcycle shipping comes into play.

Indeed, there are motorcycle transport and shipping services to help get your precious asset from point A to point B safely and securely. Nevertheless, note that shipping a standard vehicle is quite different from motorcycle shipping due to the different size and the different construction of bikes compared to cars or trucks. This means that the standard shipping methods will probably not apply here. So, how do you ship your motorcycle?

When it comes to finding motorcycle shipping services, there are two main methods: open transport and enclosed transport. Most motorcycles that are shipped long-distances require enclosed motorcycle transport services, simply for the fact that there aren’t as many open motorcycle shipping companies as there are enclosed motorcycle shippers.

This is because most motorcycles are actually shipped in a crate as opposed to just strapped down onto a flatbed truck, because it’s safer as well as cheaper.

Typically, enclosed motorcycle transporters are recommended for long-distance shipments; if you’re shipping your motorcycle in-town or in-state, you may be able to get away with an open shipper, but we recommend against this if your motorcycle is really, really pretty and you don’t want possible damage to happen.


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