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Heavy Equipment Transport & Shipping

Transporting heavy equipment is not an easy task, especially if you do not have the right transportation assistants by your side. Fortunately, we can responsibly handle any type of heavy equipment and transport it to the intended destination safely, securely, and fast regardless of how far you need your heavy equipment to transport.

Heavy equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes. From small construction equipment to massive tractor trailers, harvesters, forwarders, combines and other farm equipment, to airplanes and helicopters, nothing is impossible to transport with us. Ask for a free price quote now through the form on this page!

How to Transport Heavy Equipment

STEP #1: Get a Quote

Use our Heavy Equipment Transport Quote Form on this page and one of our friendly and experienced logistics experts will contact you to discuss the particularities of your heavy equipment transport needs.

If you are satisfied with your price quote and decide to transport your heavy equipment with us, we may require that you submit some documents before the shipment takes place, especially when transporting your machinery overseas. Among these documents might be:

  • A notarized bill of sale or certificate of title to prove ownership of the heavy equipment.
  • Dimensions and specifications of the heavy equipment being transported.
  • A power of attorney form that will give the freight forwarder the legal right to handle their shipment.
  • Identification of both the receiver and shipper.

STEP #2: Determine your Dimensions

We require to know the exact dimensions of your heavy equipment to pair it with the best trailer type. So, measure your heavy equipment:

  • Length (generally, between 48-65 feet)
  • Height (the standard is 13 feet 6 inches)
  • Weight (80,00 gross vehicle weight is allowed – after that, you pay oversize fees and penalties)
  • Width (the standard is 8 feet 6 inches).

To determine the weight of your equipment, it is better to measure the heavy equipment yourself to give us the most accurate results. This will help us provide you with the best possible transport experience. Knowing your heavy equipment’s dimensions will also help determine whether your machinery complies with the regulations of the states in which it will travel.

STEP #3: Select the Best Type of Transport Trailer

After providing the precise dimensions for your heavy equipment, time to select the best trailer, driver, and truck to haul your machinery. Our logistics specialists will determine these based on the information you have given us. The majority of heavy equipment is transported on a flatbed hauler (aka lowboy trailer). Exactly what machinery you need to be shipped will contribute to making the final decision as to which type of truck to use to transport your heavy equipment, though. Rest assured that we will find the ideal carrier for your requirements.

STEP #4: Prepare your Heavy Equipment for Transport

This entails washing your heavy equipment to remove the mud that will add weight to the haul (and increase the driver’s fuel cost). Besides, the driver is held legally liable for anything that flies off their trailer, including debris and rocks. So, washing your machinery ensures a safer and less expensive transport.

Also, check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to prep your heavy equipment for transporting. Most manufacturers suggest latching doors closed and disconnecting batteries for added safety.

STEP #5: Receive your Heavy Equipment

Have someone pick up the heavy equipment when it reaches its intended destination. For any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our transporting specialists. We are always here to help you with your heavy equipment shipping needs and do everything humanly possible to address any concerns you may have in the most efficient way.

We have a long-standing reputation in heavy equipment transportation and know not only hundreds of highly qualified drivers but also how to load, ship, and unload your heavy equipment securely and safely.


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