1. How does online escrow work?

    Online escrow is a five-step process. It protects the Seller by verifying funds and protects the Buyer by allowing inspection of the merchandise before funds are disbursed.

  2. How does Powerline Transportation LLC protect me?

    With Powerline Transportation LLC, every step in your transaction is verified with proven tracking and verification procedures. Powerline Transportation LLC ships and tracks delivery of the merchandise and the Seller isn’t paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise, or the agreed upon inspection period expires.

  3. When should I use Powerline Transportation LLC escrow service?

    The services offered through Powerline Transportation LLC support most online transactions. It’s ideal for exchanging higher-end items (above $500 in value) that merit the security and peace of mind that Powerline Transportation LLC delivers. Typically, our customers use our service when the Buyer and Seller are unknown to each other, for purchases made on auction sites, classified ad sites, business-to-business e-commerce sites, and online merchants.

  4. How do I check the status of my transactions?

    Although we offer telephone and email support, the simplest way to check the status of your transaction is by using our tracking page – Search Your Tracking

  5. If I have any questions about the product, do I contact Powerline Transportation LLC?

    No. Powerline Transportation LLC is a neutral third-party that protects both the Buyer and Seller to ensure the transaction is processed. We have no knowledge about what is actually being sold. In most cases, Powerline Transportation LLC has a very limited relationship with either party. If the Buyer has any questions, they should contact the Seller directly.

  6. When are funds released by the Buyer?

    Powerline Transportation LLC may release funds to the Seller after the Inspection Period has ended. The Inspection Period is agreed upon by both parties and commences once the Buyer confirms receipt or Powerline Transportation LLC confirms delivery of merchandise. In the event the transaction closes without involvement from the Buyer, a 48 hour notice may be sent to the Buyer. Funds are released to the Seller the same or next business day after successful completion of a transaction and upon verification by Powerline Transportation LLC. If the buyer agrees to accept a vehicle based on a Bill of Lading, there is no inspection period.

  7. What is an Inspection Period, when does it start, and how long does it last?

    The Inspection Period is the specified amount of time agreed upon by both parties in which the Buyer may examine the merchandise after receipt. The time frame selected for the Buyer can range between 1 to 30 days and must be agreed upon by all parties at the beginning of the transaction. The Inspection Period begins when the Buyer receives the item. The Buyer must accept or reject the goods within this period. Buyers and Sellers should make sure the inspection period provides adequate time for any authentication and/or appraisal process that may be necessary to complete the transaction.

  8. When does the shipping starts?

    The shipping is started by Powerline Transportation LLC once the payment from the Buyer is secured in the escrow account.

  9. If the Buyer returns an item, who pays for shipping?

    As specified in the escrow terms, if the Buyer rejects the merchandise, the Seller is required to pay for return shipping fees.

  10. Do you verify that the item shipped is the motor vehicle listed?

    Yes. Before starting the shipping Powerline Transportation LLC verifies if the item shipped is the motor vehicle listed.

  11. What is the verification of *good funds or *secured funds?

    When you buy an item at a store with a check or credit card, you are promising that the money is available in your account. The store doesn’t receive the money for up to 10 banking days later. Sending a payment to Powerline Transportation LLC works exactly the same way. To ensure payment, Powerline Transportation LLC waits until the money is deposited into our trust account, which is then considered “good funds.” This takes longer, but gives Buyers and Sellers an extra level of security.

  12. Where do I send my payment?

    Your payment has to be sent only after calling Powerline Transportation LLC to request the payment instructions.

  13. As the Buyer, what happens to my money when I send it to Powerline Transportation LLC?

    Your funds remain in our secured escrow non-interest bearing trust account until the transaction concludes.

  14. How long does it take for Sellers to be paid?

    Wire Transfers and checks sent by express delivery within the U.S. are received within one business day. Wire Transfers sent internationally can take three to five business days to be received. Checks sent express delivery internationally are received within two business days. ACH disbursements are completed within three business days. Checks sent by the USPS are dependent on where the check is sent (domestic versus international). When a Buyer uses a credit card or PayPal for payment, there is a three business day hold before funds reach our trust account and can be sent to the Seller. This is a requirement with our license since the Buyer’s funds must be in the escrow account before being released.

  15. How long does it take for Buyers to be refunded?

    If, by any reason, the item does not pass the Buyer’s inspection, it will be returned to the Seller, on Seller’s expense and the funds will be returned to the Buyer in full in within 24 hours.

  16. What if I want to purchase the vehicle using financing?

    Arrangements can be made to accept funds from financing institutions. Please verify with the financing institution whether payment can be made to a third party such as Powerline Transportation LLC before beginning the transaction.

  17. How long does it take to process my payment?

    Wire transfers are processed when received into the Powerline Transportation LLC trust account. International wires typically take three to five business days to reach our account. Credit card and PayPal payments are processed the same or next business day. Checks and Money Orders are not approved until 10 business days after Powerline Transportation LLC receives the payment; with the exception of U.S. Postal money orders which can be verified upon receipt. Powerline Transportation LLC only processes payments during business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 11:00pm (PDT/PST).

  18. How does the Buyer decline the item sent by the Seller?

    The Buyer has the Inspection Period (a length of time agreed to by both parties) to accept the items. If dissatisfied, the Buyer must return the items to the Seller. Once the item is returned, Powerline Transportation LLC will release the funds back to the Buyer. In any case, on return, the Seller is responsible for return shipping fees.

  19. How are Buyers refunded?

    In the event of a cancelled transaction, the Buyer’s funds will be refunded back to the original source of the payment method used to pay Powerline Transportation LLC.

  20. If the Buyer returns an item, who pays for shipping?

    As specified in the escrow terms, if the Buyer rejects the merchandise, the Seller is required to pay for return shipping fees.

  21. Who can I use to ship the merchandise?

    To enable Powerline Transportation LLC to protect all parties, Powerline Transportation LLC requires that merchandise be sent only via Powerline Transportation LLC shipping services.

  22. Do you keep merchandise in storage?

    Yes. We can keep merchandise in storage for transactions made through our escrow service.

  23. Can I view or pick up the merchandise from your storage facility?

    To help ensure the integrity of merchandise, the access on our storage areas or adjacent to cargo handling and storage areas is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized access to our facilities can lead to employee and visitor injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. Prevention is essential. Visitors must possess photo identification for documentation purposes upon arrival. Visitors will visibly display temporary identification. In order to gain Visitor Access Authorization, a person must be the owner of an item stored in one of our storage facilities.

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